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Stéphen "Swizz" Banks

Creative Consultant | Event Producer | Production Manager

hometown: Dallas, TX | based in: Los Angeles

What moves Swizz: "I am moved by the profound essence of creative consciousness — the extraordinary capacity within us to self-heal, to communicate, to learn, and to evolved from an infinite wellspring of wisdom and experimentation."

With a passion for nurturing creativity and fostering collaboration in the arts, Swizz stands as a visionary leader in the industry.
Drawing from a rich background in event management and production, artist development, and creative consulting,
Stéphen brings a unique blend of expertise to every project he undertakes.

As the founder of 8020creative, Swizz has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at guiding artist development, implementing differentiation theory, and maximizing value creation. His dedication to empowering visionaries has earned him a reputation for innovative strategies and impactful results.

In his latest venture, The [collab]oratory, Swizz has created a vibrant community hub and talent agency designed to support indie and emerging artists. Emphasizing collaboration, community building, and the amplification of underrepresented voices,

The [collab]oratory offers a range of programs and resources, including skill development workshops, networking events,

access to industry professionals, mental health resources, and wellness programs.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Swizz is a sought-after speaker, AI educator, and advocate for the arts.

With a focus on empowerment, creativity, and social impact, he delivers inspiring talks and workshops that leave audiences motivated and equipped with actionable insights.

"I wield art as a weapon, smashing down the false identities, perceptions, and stories we tell ourselves every day.

The goal is to reduce the clutter and find that inner you. I use creative arts to re-invent, reassure, and re-adjust as we set sail to show you off to the world—together. My approach to my work embodies the values of respect, integrity, and selfless service. As a natural-born creative,

I am intuitive, unapologetically experimental, and obsessed with creating extensions of myself within my work and aiding my clients in doing the same within theirs. I love what I do and love the people who trust me to do it." -Stephen 'Swizz' Banks

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