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"Zoe is a great mentor as she is an honest and empathic and within the very first session she put me at ease. She is so generous with her knowledge and also truly cares about the journey of her mentees. It  makes such a difference when mentees are able to feel like their ideas and process are supported and encouraged. She also takes care to find out the background and specific needs of her mentees which allows her to give specific relevant feedback. I am so glad to have connected with Zoe over the past year and as a dancer herself, she understands truly some of challenges dancers can face on a day to day basis."

—Ruth Cheah, Australian Ballerina studying at Open World Dance Foundation in St. Petersburg, Russia​​

Getting to work and learn from Zoe Rappaport was a dream!! I first met Zoe over the phone, and she fed me endless knowledge and opportunity right off the bat. She is full of so much experience and wisdom that really gave me a broader view on my art as a whole, to work and learn from Zoe is nothing short of the most fulfilling and fun experience!"

— Aspen Nell, Bronx Artist Residency Alumni​​

"The mentoring process with Zoe not only opened a door to a better understanding of the professional dance world from a real perspective, but it also helped me to develop confidence in my path as a dancer and artist. Each class nourished me with new tools to develop a broader view of what it means to be a movement artist. I deeply appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and unconditional support of Zoe in showing us a glance of our greatest potential."


—Emi Latorre, Dance Gap Year student (Argentina)​​

I participated in Zoe’s mentorship course as part of my gap semester before college, and it truly had a valuable impact on me as a dancer and as a person. Not only did Zoe’s mentorship give me truthful and helpful advice about pursuing a career within the dance industry and the varieties of careers and specializations to explore, but it validated my desire to major in dance in college and encouraged me to follow my artistic goals. I expanded my artistic portfolio, met professionals who shared their path and experiences, and received advice on my professional materials like my resume, headshots, and reel. I created a dance account on Instagram and a blog website where I continue to share my work. I even began to implement a creative ritual into my life, which keeps me accountable and brings me back to the studio even when life gets busy with other things. I am so grateful for the many ways Zoe and the mentorship course inspired me to keep creating dance!"


— Emma Lawrence, major in dance and Spanish at Smith College​


Zoe started teaching me last year when the pandemic started. At first we danced together even thoughI was in England and Zoe was in America, we were on Zoom. Zoe would find videos of our favourite dancers, some I hadn’t even heard of before and we would watch them together. Zoe taught me to look at more than just the dancing — we would talk about the stages, costumes and lights too. Zoe gave me films to watch and books to read. When I was given a scholarship from Pizarts, Zoe was my mentorship teacher & the projects I was given were epic, my favourite was my Gregory Hines project. In class we learnt about headshots and portfolios and auditioning too. We met dancers and actors who Zoe brought in as guest to answer our questions. The thing I liked best was the projects Zoe gave me, and if I didn’t have the answers or I didn’t know something I could just email Zoe and we could have 1-1's if needed."


— Jevan Ciccone, Dance Gap Year student (UK)​


I remember entering that room at UCLA and felt like it was my place. It was one of the most amazing classes I’ve ever had. And Zoe is one of the most amazing dancers I’ve seen. Her energy, her passion...she’s just one of the coolest human beings! And I can’t wait to see her dancing again and sharing her magic." 


— Frida (Mexico)​


"Working with Zoe was fun and delightful, creativity will bloom in any environment while working with her, choreography on point for each production. An experience of growth."


— Liz Marrero, Professional Dancer (Venezuela/Los Angeles)​


"From the moment I met Zoe, I knew she is a force of positive change. I have had the pleasure of working with her as a dancer, assistant and director; no matter the dynamic, she brings the professionalism, artistry and authenticity. What stands out to me most is her unrivaled drive to connect and create. Give her any scenario (mmm say a pandemic?), and she will make magic. I also want to mention that she works with dancers of all sizes, shapes, colors and expertises, and I love that." 


— Rain Rose, Professional Dancer (Berlin)


​"As an interdisciplinary artist with schizophrenic interests ranging on the obscure, who also nurtures a dance practice, I have had a hard time finding mentors that I felt would be able or even willing to understand where I was coming from or where I wanted to go with my ideas. Zoe is a supportive, informed, thoughtful, and incisive force of feedback and observation-- invaluable to anyone trying to elevate, clarify and amplify their artistry with respect to inclusion, discretion, and authenticity. Thank you Zoe, for helping me wade through the ocean of my dreams in tangible and concrete ways!" 


— Ariel, Bronx Artist Residency Alumni​


Zoe's class allowed me to explore my dance in a different way and connect with wonderful people...The group was very supportive so it enabled me to push myself a little bit out of my own comfort zone. It was always a pleasure to participate and share our voices through movement and writing."


— NYC Dancer Randolph T.​

"It’s been a pleasure and a privilege knowing and working with Zoe Rappaport. I worked with her for a music video shoot and I can say that she is one of the most talented choreographers and has such a unique choreographing style. Zoe is dedicated to her craft and is extremely passionate about her work."


— Karin Tatsuoka, Professional Dancer (Los Angeles)​


"Zoe's class broke open a deep part of me that has been suppressed the past 4 years. It was a healing balm to my body, mind and spirit. A lifesaver during the transition of normalcy to pandemic lockdown mode. Thank you for providing a healing, creative space during the pandemic mayhem!" 


— Xanne S.(Seattle)​

Zoe's class was a necessary outlet for my self reflection and a vital source of connection through many difficult months during the COVID-19 pandemic. The facilitators Zoe and Libby were able to help my body move with the big emotions I needed to feel, and then translate those feelings into the words I needed to say---each of these expressions synchronous with the other. The gift of dance during these times has given me a body wisdom I now couldn't be without. I am eternally grateful." 


— Amber B. (NYC)​

“I joined the program a week later but still, I felt welcomed right away. It was right in the middle of quarantine and I needed to reach out somehow, to interact with human beings, even though just virtually. Every Wednesday became a ritual, a way of connecting to my body and awaken my mind: Zoe and Libby guided us graciously into the dance improv and writing sessions so that everybody got more intimate, warmer and found relief in that hour and a half. I couldn’t find any inspiration to dance, move again while being isolated but this workshop brought me back to where it all started and I began writing again. After all, isn’t Poetry a dance of words?”


— Giorgia Vitali, Professional Dancer (NY/ITALY)

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