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Professional Dancer | Choreographer
 | Actor 
pronouns: he/him; born in: Dallas, TX | based in: los angeles, ca
What moves Friidom: 

Darrel “Friidom” Dunn is a multifaceted artist and innovator in the field of movement. He holds a degree in Arts and Technology from The University of Texas at Dallas and has extensive experience in directing, choreographing, acting, and performing in various media and platforms. He has collaborated with renowned brands and artists such as Samsung, Universal Music Enterprises, Freeform Tv, LA Dance Project, Cannons The Band, Tyler the Creator, Lin Manuel Miranda, Dick Van Dyke, Will Smith, and more. He is based in Los Angeles, CA. Friidom is the creator of “The Epiic” movement philosophy, which combines elements of Krump, Street Styles, and philharmonic conducting to express emotions and stories through music and motion. He developed this unique style as a way of coping with his personal challenges with anxiety, depression, and health issues. He uses “The Epiic” to create immersive and cinematic experiences that inspire audiences to discover their inner creativity and potential.

His work aims to transform the world of movement, visual arts, technology, and entertainment.

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